The devil's greatest fear is a prophetic person who can articulate the mind and will of God. Thus, he erects demonic barriers and blockades to frustrate the purpose of prophetic people. When prophetic people process through religious, erroneous church systems, they are often limited in the full scope of their gift. Although the prophet’s office is the oldest office, many reduce the grace and calling to mere proclamations. Prophets do more than preach or prophesy on Sundays! Exposure is the first step to growth, and Shattering Prophetic Block is just that for you! This resource unveils the various prophetic technologies while giving language and understanding to varying prophetic profiles. While reading this book, novices and veterans will readily accept and embrace their true identity and not what they have mirrored from others. Power-packed with activations, decrees, and prayers, you will advance from primary prophetic function to the cutting edge. Get ready to move beyond traditional prophetic styles and be thrust into a whole new world of prophetic application.